I applied to MNBC for education sponsorship in my second year at Northern Lights College

“I applied to MNBC for education sponsorship in my second year at Northern Lights College. After having my sponsorship approved, I earned an Associate of Arts in Health Studies without the added stress of getting into thousands of dollars worth of debt. Completing my Associates Degree from Northern Lights College provided me with all the pre-requisites I needed to continue my education at the University of Northern British Columbia.

I am currently enrolled and completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Once I graduate from UNBC as a registered nurse, I plan to work here, in the North. My success at Northern Lights College has helped me focus on my end goal of becoming a registered nurse. When I graduate in 18 months, I will take my education and skills to serve my community at the Fort St. John hospital! Thanks to MNBC, my dreams and goals are truly becoming a reality.

I want to shout out Sherry Freeman with MNBC; she is the sole reason I achieved my education at Northern Lights College. She was a quick phone call away whenever I had questions regarding my sponsorship application and was always pleasant. Though the application process was lengthy, I completed all my requirements with ease simply because Sherry was so helpful and believed in my success.

I am Ashley Powell, and I am proud to be Métis.”

Thank you Ashley for sharing your story. We will be highlighting Métis individuals who received education or training support from MNBC. If you’d like to be featured, please fill out the following form: https://www.mnbc.ca/success-story-questions/; or if you or somebody you know would like to receive education funding, visit our Skills Training, Employment and Post-Secondary (STEPS) micro-website https://steps.mnbc.ca.